A mentorship
called Uvize

P22’s founder led product design for Uvize, boots on the ground, joining the team as they went through the NYC TechStars EDU incubator, until the company was acquired in 2015.

Uvize’s online mentoring platform is used by major American universities, veterans organizations, and technology incubators.

As part of the ‘Education Datapalooza’, Uvize was invited to the White House to discuss innovation in higher education.

What we
worked on

Our founder lead all aspects of the product design and developed the app’s responsive front end experience for desktop web, tablet, and mobile.

He also designed and produced the marketing site for Uvize.

Featured in VentureBeat, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, winner of the ASU+GSV ‘Return on Education’ Innovation Award.

For a product click through hit the video below.

What the
client said

Dave Cass - UVIZE Founder
“Rowan is one of the most talented product designers I’ve ever worked with. Fantastic results and incredibly easy to work with.”

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