Add animated art to your photos with Slice

Slice is an unpaid passion project, where we and the artists were able to let our imaginations run wild.

Currently Slice is on hold due to the time commitments of our current venture, Wiip.

We collaborated with artists from around the world to create unique animation sets that blend art with photography.

Transform any photo with Slice and your imagination.


Hand-drawn animations

A twist on photography, Slice is an indie art project and showcase for independent artists.

Artists have full control over the concept and art style behind their set of animations, and set the tone with example photography to show how they personally applied their art.

Each artist has a prominent profile within the app and website, and will receive 50% of the sales of their artwork.

What we

We built an animation engine to independently combine each frame of an animation with a photo. The technology and method are unique, which allows Slice to also blend image filters over the entire animation, then output a high quality MP4 and GIF.

Users can easily arrange, re-size, and place the animations wherever they like, using any photo. They can alter the speed and intensity of filters to allow endless creative possibilities.

The ability to remix any video content back to the original image is the most technically challenging element of Slice. Any content a user can see is also something they can easily re-edit back to the original photo, giving it their own unique perspective.

Behind the scenes of our artist video

We took a day out from our regular work, to produce a short video with our friends Melanie Schneider and one of the Slice artists Luka Jana Berchtold.

The video is important to us as a way to help communicate just how much love and originality each artist has put into every frame of every animation -all created exclusively for Slice.

Shot in Vienna at Luka’s apartment.

A Slice

If you’re a talented artist and want to find out about creating an animation set for Slice, we’d love to hear from you.

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