An aural
called Hear

Hear detects ambient noise and channels it through a variety of real-time filters to create a truly wild aural experience.

Featured by Apple in over 30 countries, Hear is loved by users and the press for its originality, creativity and the overall user experience it delivers.

Featured in over 30 countries by Apple and in the Best Apps of May.

What we
worked on

We worked with the founder of and RjDj to bring this hard-to-describe audio experience to life.

Our role started from the ground up, P22 created early concepts and handled the entire design process and build of the app. Culminating in a slick and simple-to-use product featured by Apple in over 30 countries.

Hear delivers a range of acoustic filters from Super Hearing through to mind-bending, did-that-really-happen experiences for our users.

What the
press said

“It’s hard to understand until you plug your headphones in and try it. It’s almost psychedelic”
“The iPhone’s trippiest app has to be heard to be understood”
The Next Web
“Hear for iOS turns the world into a surreal, useful soundscape”
“The Founder of Is Creating the Future of Audio Technology”
“The New “Hear” App Is Half Instagram, Half YouTube Remix, and All Weird Fun”
The Daily Dot
“This app will change the way you hear the world”

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