Better space photos with Astro

An in-house venture alongside researchers at the University of Auckland, Astro helps Astrophotographers to easily create their most stunning images of space.

Astro is a complex and powerful imaging algorithm disguised in a simple user interface.

It automatically removes any image noise, aligns a series of photos then combines each layer together into one super resolution version. Richer colours, enhanced detail - simply better space photos.

Scrub the image for a before & after view


To create stunning high definition photos of the night sky, astrophotographers face many time consuming and technical challenges during the image processing step.

Astro simplifies this by automating the process of image alignment, combining a series into one, and noise reduction.

With less complexity, time required, and more accurate results, astrophotographers can spend their energy and time capturing the heavens.

Astro is currently in early stage development, we will share updates and insights into the project on this page. See below for a preview about the image registration aspect of the project.

Register pixel

Astro first registers the movement of pixels between a series of images.

The video below highlights the actual movement of the night sky between each frame in a series.

The second video below shows the exact same sequence of photos as above, but each frame has been re-aligned using Astro.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in the hobby of Astrophotography and want to be on the beta testing list.

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