A product
studio focusing
on early stage

We’re an engineering and design studio with an entrepreneurial spirit. We build our own in-house ventures as well as work alongside other teams to help them realise theirs.

We help founders at the formative stages of their venture, to take an idea from concept through to launch.


See below for a list of some of the things we’ve worked on. There are many we haven’t listed here, so drop us a line to find out more.


A new augmented audio experience that delivers the user a healthy dose of auditory hallucinogenics.


An artist showcase and user creation concept, where original animated art can be combined with any photo.


Re-imagining astrophotography, this software lets users make better images of our galaxy.

Pink Nation

Victoria Secret's popular Pink Nation app, a social photos + effects SDK and content management tool.


An online mentoring platform used by major American universities, veterans organizations, and technology incubators.

interests us

ReactNative, Swift, Electron, Objective-C, Python, Sass, NPM, Webpack, Serverless, AWS.
Early stage projects that involve in-depth concept exploration, with new design and technical challenges. Products that have the potential to be enjoyed by millions of users.
Ventures that either; solve real business or social issues; give users significant value through a new process; or help promote artists and the creative sector in the visual and musical fields.

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